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Todd Brist


Favorite quote…
“I don’t want to be the next Michael Jordan, I only want to be Kobe Bryant.”
~ Kobe Bryant

(To me this means to build and represent your own brand, and don’t settle for what others expectations are of you.)

Todd has lived in Colorado for over 12 years and is originally from South Dakota. Most of his growing up was done here in Colorado. His life revolved around sports. Football in the fall and wrestling in the winter. When spring and summer came along, he loved the rodeo where he got good at riding bulls and bucking horses.

The rodeo is still one of Todd’s favorite activities today along with football.

He has been in the auto industry for seven years. When it comes to helping his customers find the right car… Todd’s motto is, “Keep it simple!”

He makes the car buying process simple, comfortable, and exciting.

Todd’s customers love the idea that he is upfront and honest with them. He always has their best interest at heart.

He has family in South Dakota and here in Colorado. Todd enjoys getting together with everyone because they all have such a good time. They may go fishing, hunting, shopping, playing games around the kitchen table, or watching a movie. It doesn’t matter what they are doing… everyone is having fun.

When asked why he chose to work at JFR Todd replied, “I like the fact that JFR has a way of valuing their customers time, wants and needs; not just for today but months and years down the road. They care about their customers and take excellent care of them.”

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